Home Is Now But A Dream I Sometime Dare to Recall

Home Is Now But A Dream I Sometime Dare to Recall 

This project was inspired by the Caribbean migrants who arrived in the UK on the SS Windrush in 1949. I based my work on their life struggles when they first arrived in England, in particular a story by a man named Mr. Enrico Stennett, who was a passenger on the Windrush. Mr. Stennett talked about how many of them had to live in a bomb shelter and how his clothes and skin were eaten by maggots; This was my inspiration for the Knit textures in my garments. The colours used were derived from their lives back home in the Caribbean, so I looked at things such as food, Music, old pictures, plants, beaches, and the colour of the buildings. Merging these two ideas together, I managed to create this Fun carefree nostalgic feel to the project. The migrants from the Caribbean made such an impact in British Culture especially in the fashion that I had to showcase this in my own way mixing their stories of joy and pain.

Home Is Now But A Dream I Sometimes Dare To Recall Has Exhibited And Published:

  • Migration Museum Project- The Great Minds: Migration and Fashion 
  • Black Cultural Archives Museum
  • The Dandy Lion Project Photography Exhibition: Brighton Photo Biennia
  • Barclays Bank Headquarters 
  • The Dandy Lion: The Dandy and Street Style Book

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